Top Easter Video Games for Kids

By Jody Mar 25, 2024
kids holding spoon and an eggTop Easter Video Games for Kids

Easter video games for kids offer a fantastic way to extend the holiday fun beyond traditional activities. Easter weekend is a time for family gatherings, delicious treats, and of course, the thrill of the egg hunt. But what happens when the candy is devoured and the real eggs are safely stored away? For many families, video games can provide a fun and engaging way to extend the Easter spirit. However, with countless options available, choosing the right game for your child can feel overwhelming. Worry not, parents! This guide explores some of the best Easter-themed video games designed to entertain and delight young players, fostering creativity, problem-solving skills, and a healthy dose of holiday cheer.

Educational Eggs-citement

Learning doesn’t have to stop when the fun begins. Several Easter-themed video games cleverly weave educational elements into engaging gameplay, making them perfect for parents who want to combine entertainment with a touch of learning.

Reader Rabbit

This delightful game, geared towards younger children, takes players on an Easter egg hunt with a twist. As they explore colorful landscapes, they encounter hidden words that they must collect and unscramble. Additionally, the game reinforces vocabulary building, basic spelling skills, and critical thinking in a fun and rewarding way.

Sesame Street

While not strictly Easter-themed, this charming game from the beloved Sesame Street crew offers a delightful springtime adventure. Children join Elmo, Abby Cadabby, and other Sesame Street friends as they help hatch baby chicks and decorate for a spring celebration. The game incorporates counting, color recognition, and simple problem-solving activities, all delivered with the signature Sesame Street humor that both children and adults will enjoy.


For kids who love the creativity and open-ended world of Minecraft, numerous user-created Easter-themed maps and resource packs offer a unique way to celebrate the holiday. These maps often feature elaborate egg hunts, bunny-themed challenges, and festive decorations, allowing children to explore, build, and solve puzzles within the familiar Minecraft universe.


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Top Easter Video Games for Kids

Action and Exploration for Budding Gamers

For children who crave a bit more excitement, several Easter-themed video games offer engaging storylines and action-packed adventures.

Spyro the Dragon

In this classic platformer, the beloved purple dragon Spyro embarks on a quest to recover stolen Easter eggs from the clutches of the mischievous Ripto. Players navigate vibrant levels, collect colorful eggs, and battle playful enemies. The game offers a healthy mix of platforming challenges, simple puzzles, and lighthearted humor, making it a great choice for young gamers.

PAW Patrol

This charming game based on the popular children’s show sees the PAW Patrol pups on a mission to help chicks find their missing Easter eggs. Players control their favorite pups, utilizing their unique skills to overcome obstacles, solve puzzles, and retrieve the missing eggs. The game promotes teamwork, problem-solving, and reinforces the importance of helping others, all wrapped in a delightful Easter adventure.

Costume Quest 2

While not specifically Easter-themed, this quirky role-playing game offers a delightful springtime atmosphere. Players take on the role of trick-or-treating kids who battle monsters using costumes and candy. The game boasts charming visuals, lighthearted combat, and a strong emphasis on teamwork, making it a fun choice for slightly older children who enjoy a bit more RPG-style gameplay.

Social Games and Family Fun

Video games can also be a great way to encourage social interaction and family bonding. Here are some Easter-themed games that promote shared experiences:

Just Dance

This popular dance game releases special Easter-themed playlists featuring upbeat songs and silly dance moves. Gather the family, put on your dancing shoes, and compete for the highest score. Moreover, just Dance is a fantastic way to get everyone moving, laughing, and celebrating the holiday spirit together.

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

While not specifically Easter-themed, this beloved kart racing game offers a variety of festive customization options. Players can choose from brightly colored karts, unlock bunny-eared character costumes, and race across scenic spring-themed tracks. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is a classic party game that’s perfect for some friendly family competition during Easter weekend.

Super Mario Party

Furthermore, this vibrant party game collection offers a variety of Easter-themed minigames that are perfect for family game nights. From collecting colorful eggs to hopping through obstacle courses, these minigames provide a fun and lighthearted way for everyone to join in the Easter festivities.


In conclusion, Easter provides a fantastic opportunity for kids to enjoy some fun-filled gaming experiences with family and friends. From classic Easter-themed games to popular titles featuring beloved characters, the options are plentiful for entertaining young gamers during the holiday season. Whether hopping through virtual Easter egg hunts, embarking on colorful adventures, or engaging in friendly competitions, these top Easter video games offer hours of joy and excitement for kids of all ages. So, gather around, grab your controllers, and let the Easter gaming festivities begin!


By Jody

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